Vacations and Travel
Social Networking App

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Vacations and Travel
Social Networking App

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Engage in gossiping and make friends – all the while letting the world discover your whereabouts.

Gossip Pages

Discover where to go for the upcoming vacation season, the daily routines in each travel destination and gossips about who was spotted where doing what.


Check out the latest updates and gossips from the city you are in today. Know who is around doing what and gossiping about who and what.


Here is your directory to the best hotels, restaurants and hotpots in the most luxurious travel destinations.


At Waynkom, you can share your whereabouts and travel experiences with the world and know where the crowd you are interested in is roaming right now. Through Waynkom, you canstay updatedwhile travelling by knowing the daily routines in each travel destination anddiscovering who isin the same place you are in? Which places are trending now? Where will the crowd be going tomorrow?
Waynkomis also your go-to travel guide that recommendsluxurious hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and trending spots in every major city.

Socialize and
Gossip Away!

Want to get to know someone or socialize with people from your community while you are abroad?Did you ever spot someone you wanted to know who he/she is so badly? Gossip whenand whereyou sawthem, what are they wearing, and at what time? Waynkom is the way to get in touch with whom you like withoutturning things awkward by getting rejected in front of other people.
Don't be shy! Everyone wants to know something about someone! Waynkom is here to help!

Stay Undetected
that is, if you want to!

Waynkom is the app where you can be completely invisible by creating an Anonymous profile, partially invisible by having a Public profile and posting using the Anonymous mode or visible all the time by posting publicly.


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